Researcher, designer, geek, maker, visionary... I combine a vivid imagination with a strong desire for practical solutions. Emotional, passion-driven, my investigations cross traditional textile know-how and new technologies to explore and invent new design modes.




Le Textile Lab in Lyon. France

Le Textile Lab is a collaborative workspace dedicated to responsible and innovative textile design. It’s the place for creativity, research and prototyping, it has dedicated offices for residents and an open space for nomads, self-service machines. This space aims to focus on multidisciplinarity and develop a range of skills that combine craft and interactive technologies, traditional fashion design and digital, analog and digital haute couture to generate new opportunities and create new hybrid business.


Fabricademy, Worldwide

Fabricademy, Textile & Technology Academy is a transdisciplinary course that focuses on the development of new technologies applied in the textile industry.
The 6-month program runs in selected laboratories across the world and it is structured in two phases:

  • 3 month intensive learning: 13 weekly online classes by global experts and weekly local trainings and assignments guided by the local instructors.
  • 3 month final project development, mentored by local instructors and advised by global experts.


I work as creative director, illustrator, graphic & motion designer at the service of awareness, e-learning and education, always looking for the best solution to facilitate the understanding and visibility of a message, a project or an identity.